Teaching Portfolio competition at UBC

The Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth at UBC (affectionately known as TAG) ran a teaching portfolio competition this summer. I entered the competition as a way to get myself motivated to work on this portfolio. Needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise to get this message about being a finalist in the contest. The prize was a book from the bookstore – I chose Al Gore’s most recent publication, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

We wish to heartily congratulate the three finalists in the Teaching Portfolio Competition. They are (in alphabetical order): Shona Ellis, Instructor, Botany Department; Joanne Fox, UBC Bioinformatics Centre; and Beth Snow, Doctoral Student.

These individuals took on the portfolio-creation challenge, devoted many hours to this endeavour and, of course, submitted their portfolios for feedback. They have created portfolios that very nicely represent who they are as instructors and the work they do.

With permission of the portfolio owners (thank-you!), we invite you to view these portfolios:
Shona: http://www.cfkeep.org/html/stitch.php?s=77561976460332&id=94286895165487
Joanne: http://bioinformatics.ubc.ca/fox/portfolio/about/
Beth: http://www.cfkeep.org/html/stitch.php?s=87714004039498&id=72993655198248

Congratulations! We will be presenting them with their prizes shortly.

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