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Benefits of Undergraduate Research

SRI International has conducted several surveys in an attempt to evaluate undergraduate research and training programs in the US (read the executive summary).  In short, the take home message is that undergraduate research is something we should actively support.  Hands-on experience helps to keep students interested in Science careers.  You can read more about this survey in the Education Forum found in the current issue of Science Magazine.


The SPIRE postdoctoral fellowship program is “an innovative approach to advance science careers by balancing research, teaching and service.”

SPIRE’s Mission:

To provide multi-dimensional professional development for science researchers and educators to succeed in academic careers, to bring engaging teaching methods into the classroom, and to increase diversity in science professions.

It sounds like a great program. Unfortunately, I was reading the fineprint and you’ve got to be a US citizen to apply. I wonder if there’s a Canadian equivalent?

Applied Workshops in Bioinformatics Project

From 2004-2006,I obtained two years of funding from the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) at the University of British Columbia to embark on a bioinformatics curricula development pilot project. Through the delivery of hands-on computer based workshops this project entitled, “Applied Workshops in Bioinformatics – Enabling Students to Use Bioinformatics” developed a set of teaching materials that can be adapted for use in the undergraduate classroom.

Here is a screen shot from the website that we put together for this project:

Screenshot of UBiC education page