Publications and Professional Contributions

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Selected Publications:

Jon Nakane, Keddie Brown, Peter Danielson, Joanne Fox, Yas Shirazu, Donna Lee, Esther Abd-Elmessih, and David Ng. (2006) Home Molecular Genetics MAKE:07: Backyard Biology page 65

For a complete list of teaching as well as research based publications, please see my resume.

Conference Presentations, Public Talks, and Outreach Events:

First Year Seminar in Science: Understanding Science as a Way of Knowing Through Writing. Innovations in Learning: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 7th Annual UBC-O Learning Conference, May 5th, 2011, Kelowna, BC

Piloting the New First Year Seminar in Science, SCIE113.  UBC Faculty of Science Supper Series, March 31st, 2011

Invited Speaker, Bridging Research and Education Workshop: B.R.E.W., Yeast Genetics & Molecular Biology Meeting, Vancouver, July 27th-Aug 1st, 2010

Invited Panelist, Tutorial on Teaching bioinformatics in high school biology courses, ISMB2010, International Society for Computational Biology, Boston, July 9-13, 2010.

Featured Session, DNA, Genomes & Proteins – Hands-on Activities tell the story of the Central Dogma, Catalyst 2010, BC Science Teachers’ Association Conference for K-12 Educators, March 25, 2010, Kelowna, BC

Invited Speaker, The Nature of Science – A Thought Provoking Card Game, Mitchell Odyssey Foundation, Wild About Science Symposia, Nov 6th, 2010, Richmond, BC (link)

The Nature of Science – A Thought Provoking Card Game: Dr. Joanne Fox from Michael Smith Labs at UBC will demonstrate an interactive card game that encourages participants to question what science is and explore their attitudes towards science.   Teachers will learn how to use this resource in their classroom to instill curiosity, develop critical thinking skills and foster a deeper understanding of the philosophy of science.

Fuel Cell Cars – Race with Technology. Mitchell Odyssey Foundation, Wild About Science Symposia,Nov 7th, 2009, Richmond, BC (link)

Fuel Cell Cars – Race with Technology: Dr. Joanne Fox from Michael Smith Labs will utilize fuel cell cars to demonstrate unique classroom activities to engage students in the exciting technology behind fuel cells. (link)

Invited Keynote, Humbolt-Kolleg-Osogbo International Conference on Biotechnology: Trends in the Advancement of Life Science Research and Development in Nigeria, Bioinformatics in Life Sciences Research, August 2009, Ada, Nigeria.

Terry* banners on display at the 2008 MSL Teacher Conference, photo by Nick Wiebe

Terry* banners on display at the 2008 MSL Teacher Conference, photo by Nick Wiebe

Invited Speaker, Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research, Bioinformatics in Life Sciences Research, August 2009, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tools for Bringing Bioinformatics into Your Undergraduate Classrooms, Invited Presentation, 16th Annual ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators, May 28-31, 2009, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO (link)

Michael Smith Laboratories, Engaging Science & Genome BC Partner to Support High School Teachers, Keynote + Featured Workshop, Mitchell Odyssey Foundation Wild About Science Symposia ’08, Richmond, BC, 2008 (link)

“It’s Your Experiment” 2008 MSL Teacher Conference (link)

RE-IMAGINING BIOLOGY: Science, Technology, and the Human Genome, Featured Session, Catalyst 2008 Conference, BC Science Teachers’ Association, Kelowna, BC, 2008 (link)

The Inaugural First Annual “MOST EXCEPTIONAL ESCAPADES IN SCIENCE” High School Conference, March 2008 (link)

Michael Smith Laboratories Teacher Conference, 2007 (link)

For a list of courses and workshops taught, please see the teaching activities page.

Committees and Community Involvement:

Member, Genome BC Education Advisory Committee, joined committee in 2007

Active Member of Curricula Development team for Canadian Bioinformatics Workshop Series; attended planning workshops held in Toronto: November 2, 2009, October 20-21, 2008 & Oct 12-13, 2007

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